Wilfrid Almendra

5 Oct 2013 — 4 Jan 2014

The work of the French sculptor Wilfrid Almendra moves, reassesses and mess continuously with the problematic produced by collective utopias which have now failed in our occidental  society structured by individual aspirations. Since almost 10 years, he roams through suburban areas in order to observe the real symptoms of what he believes contemporary and post-modern expression of community ideals. His work combines the thrive for individualism and the fatality of standardization.

These investigations lead him to the United-States to study the Case Study Houses program. This post-war construction experiments for ultra-modern, functional, efficient and cheap living units sketched the classic Californian villa. As there is a gap in-between the architectural models and our suburban tragic reality, Wilfrid Almendra adapts, in his 10 sculptures, Killed in Action (2009), as many houses projects that were never built. He imagines what they could have been through craft techniques, recovered materials charged with history and auto-biographical symbols.

Commissaire de l'exposition / Curator : Etienne Bernard