By combining art and education, the Atelier des publics acts as a real laboratory, a place of encounter and experimentation open to all from the youngest age.

In connection with the exhibitions, a programme of guided tours, workshops and training courses is offered throughout the year with the aim of nurturing participants' creativity, imagination and the pleasure of expressing themselves on today's art.

To facilitate accessibility, the Atelier des publics works in dialogue with professionals in the fields of education, social work and justice to devise adapted itineraries and lively and joyful encounters with the works and artists.

As a resource centre for artistic and cultural education in Brittany, the Atelier des publics is developing a unique programme for the production of educational objects and works to be played with, bringing together, over a long period of time, members of the public, professionals from all backgrounds and designers. The POP Programme's play objects are then loaned to cultural structures, schools, nurseries and social centres.

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