Sean Scully

20 Oct 2023 — 13 Jan 2024

Passerelle Centre d'art contemporain is presenting the first solo exhibition by Sean Scully (1945, Ireland) in Brittany. A key abstractionist since the 1970s, he developed a style of painting that went against the grain of the minimal and conceptual art that was in vogue at the time. Freedom and emotion are his watchwords and infuse his entire art. Scully's great strength is to succeed in projecting viewers somewhere into a world of feelings. His work is a plunge, a striking experience, an alternative to reality; human beings, even if they are not represented, are at the heart of his paintings, emblematic constructions of grids and bands of colour.

Sean Scully is not one of those travelling artists who constantly flits from city to city, region to region, consuming environments. He's one of those who stays, who takes time, who lets landscapes and moods gradually blend into his painting. The exhibition "Géographies", presented at Passerelle Centre d'art contemporain, takes a fresh look at Sean Scully's immense oeuvre. It looks at the places he has lived and the affections he has developed for particular places.

Great Britain, where he was raised and began working as a typographer from the age of 15 before studying art, was the scene of his first experiments with the grid motif, greatly inspired by a formative sojourn in Morocco. Ireland, his native land, is evoked through literature, while the United States, where he settled in the 1970s, is a place where Scully very recently tackled a social issue with the Ghost series of paintings. The artist denounces the proliferation of firearms and the constant recourse to violence. The light and Mayan cultural sites of Mexico, which he... [lire plus]

Opening on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2023, 6pm