Les géants (The Giants)

Pascal Rivet

11 Jun — 11 Sep 2021

The result of a partnership between the Museum of Beaux-Arts in Brest and Passerelle Centre d’Art Contemporain, the exhibition Les géants brings together the recent works of the artist Pascal Rivet (born in 1966 in Quimper, France). Emerging in the context of the Tour de France, Brest being the starting place of the 2021 race, Les géants is both a chance to see the artist’s latest paintings and a celebration of cycling.

From the 1990s, Pascal Rivet has been interested in the world of sport, appropriating the images of champions or reproducing key moments of competitions. He has adopted the persona of a footballer with Eric Cantona, a tennis player with Mary Pierce and a cyclist with Marco Pantani. The world of cycling provided particular inspiration, combining the heroic, serious figure of the racer with a humour at times benevolent and at times dark and cynical. That is how in 2021 we come to Pascal Rivet’s fascination for this world in its own right.

Considering himself an artist-ethnographer, he willingly declares, not without irony, ”Instead of moving in a straight line, I have tried to lose myself.” Whereas he began his career using the formalist and minimal language of the great abstract sculptors such as Anthony Caro and Richard Serra, he soon chose to conceal reality with realistic but flawed sculptures, produced in materials that were – a priori – inappropriate.

This new project, Les géants, is a response from Pascal Rivet to the invitation from the Passerelle in the context of the Tour de France. This year, Brest is the town where the Tour de France will start, a rare event and reason for celebration; this is the joyful and unifying context giving the artist his... [lire plus]

Curator of the exhibition: Passerelle Centre d’Art Contemporain and Documents d’Artistes Bretagne.

In partnership with the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Brest