De la Terre à la Lune

Déambulation dans la collection du Frac Bretagne

5 Oct 2019 — 4 Jan 2020

Twenty years after the previous presentation of works from the collection of the Frac Bretagne at the Passerelle, and at the very moment when Etienne Bernard has been nominated its new director, this exhibition presents a selection of recently acquired works in comparison with more historical pieces. They invite the viewer for a dreamlike expedition, From the Earth to the Moon.

The first idea for the exposition followed the theme of the voyage at sea, in the context of the homecoming of Emperor Napoleon’s rowing galley to Brest after an absence of more than 70 years away at war1. We alluded to Homer, Conrad, Rimbaud and the great epics and we made our first choice between the aesthetic quality of the works and the theme, without forgetting our own pleasure of discovery among the 5000 artworks of the Frac. This was all done in collaboration of the Director at the time, Catherine Elkar.

After several twists and turns and surprises, we had to make a second selection which took us audaciously from the Earth to the Moon. Through approximately thirty works that intermingle, that dialogue, that wander between the air and water, between minerals and the galaxies, between energy and the world of dreams. All not without a dose of derision and the spinning of metaphors. They are mostly recent acquisitions, but we did not prohibit ourselves with making connections with older works.

L’Abrestoise by Olivier Tourenc and Les Grands Sélénites by Di Matteo take us on a voyage from the Earth to the Moon, which passes by L’Ithaque by Marcel Dinahet or Maya, l’île perdue by Alexandre

Ponomarev. No Pipe by Etienne Bossut keeps measure, Guillaume Leblon and Steven Pippin deal with time,... [lire plus]

Curator :  Françoise Terret-Daniel et Bruno Chevillotte