Encyclopédie pratique

Lenio Kaklea

2 Feb — 27 Apr 2019

"I've never had any choreographic ideas, but I think as I rehearse. Dance is a situated practice that allow for a combinaison of several bodies. It involves routine activities that lead to familiarity with materials, articulates different ways of moving in the world and allows for the invention of deviations, shortcuts or detours. In the studio, the body exercises, incorporates techniques, transforms itself, learns to look at itself, to run away or to disappear. »

From January to September 2017, choreographer Lenio Kaklea met the residents of Aubervilliers to collect their practices. She gathered 300 testimonies through her investigation revealing the diversity of habits, rituals and professions that compose this Parisian suburban city. The transcription of these testimonies took the form of six choreographic portraits that show the convergence between her own body language and the practitioners’.

In the film 41 rue Lécuyer, she presents her studio practice in which several intensities and modes of representation coexist : rehearsal, performance, conversation. It re-examines the influence of the survey process on the creative work, the solo’s form appears as an experience of otherness in which the familiar and the alien dialogue.

For Dansfabrik festival, the choreographer, along with three performers, proposes an in situ version of this piece. 41 rue Charles Berthelot is part of a new choreographic project that investigates the modes of transmission and migration of the gestures we make community with.

In partnership with Le Quartz, Scène nationale de Brest
As part of the DañsFabrik festival