Regina Möller, Franz Erhard Walther, Cristof Yvoré, Jakob Lena Knebl / Markus Hausleitner / Heimo Zobernig


30 Mar — 9 Jun 2012

This exhibition aims to present individuality symbol issues, means of social representation and their de/construction linked to the body, clothes and space. This work are inspired by architectural influence and clothing theories such as Adolf Loos (Austrian Architect, 1870-1933) and Gottfried Semper (German architect, 1803-1879) claiming human body and public and private spaces are linked and interact with one another.

In one hand, the work is at the threshold of trend design and sculptures, in the other hand, it establish a direct link between the spectator’s body and the painting based on the representation of houses.

These concepts of body, clothes, identity and social representation are questioned and with them the issue of the object: It may be part of a montage or a still life, the object becomes the interface between thoughts on Men, its identity and its history; various ways to analyze, through our relationship with objects and space, the body positioning within reality.

Commissaire de l'exposition / Curator : Ulrike Kremeier