Paysages d’intérieur

François Feutrie

8 Feb — 3 May 2014

François Feutrie’s work is oriented by his triple course. Artist, graphic designer as well ad geologist trained, his research led him to focus on the forms and tools that make up a standardized and architected visual landscape .

For his project at Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain, he focusses on the art topiary’s classical practice. Born in Ancient Rome and mostly revealed by French garden's cantors - Le Nôtre among others – in the seventeenth century, this way to restraint nature provides Feutrie the tools to build other landscapes. He gabs the templates of the topiary – counterforms and  patterns for tree cuts – to project their function in the exhibition's space. This strategy of tool’s displacement aiming to claim its use otherwise and elsewhere, creates a new experience of an oriented territory.

In the footsteps of the great landscape architects, the artist plays in a composing game with new perspectives on a standardized and summary landscape  where shapes, against-forms and materials combine.

He thus returns to the origins of landscape as a sublimated staging of the nature to put the viewer in a specific visual and spatial experience. Theatrical scenery, sets of assembling, screensavers, François Feutrie’s landscapes take life in a travel invitation and a gaze escape.

As part of the Chantiers Résidence programme run by Passerelle Centre d'art contemporain and Documents D'Artistes Bretagne.