Le jardin

Anna Solal

5 Oct 2019 — 4 Jan 2020

The works of Anna Solal bring into play an almost primitive system of figuration. Or more precisely: primordial. That is to say that they flatten all of the intrinsic categories that normally equip our gaze, which are fundamentally oriented by their relationship to the real. The entire system of western art, its foundational myths, its evolution and its conceptual armature, rests upon a perpetual oscillation between the two extreme poles that are realism and abstraction. To this system, Anna Solal does not oppose a difference of degree, but indeed of kind. She extracts herself from it. If her assemblages seem primitive or primordial, it is because we can no longer understand them according to the usual coordinates, for the simple reason that they call for yet a third category: neither realist nor abstract, they are real. Real, not in the sense that they have not undergone a process of creation, or that they do not make use of images or symbolic motifs. Real, in the sense that their process of fabrication proceeds the specific space-time of the artist, her position in a geography, in a socio-economic organization and of the symbols integrated into the collective imagination.

In this respect, the assemblages and drawings by Anna Solal, as well as their recontextualization through each exhibition, are understood as so many infra-worlds adhering to the methodology of “situated knowledges.” This term was invented by Donna Haraway for an article a 1988 article of the same name. She tests it against a contemporary world in which the neoliberal economic system has gradually eroded the historical structures of western democracy, up to the point that it has substituted itself for them. Born in 1988, the artist is... [lire plus]