Amours, marguerites et troubadours

Emma Seferian

17 Feb — 20 May 2023

This exhibition is the fruit of our workshop residencies, our annual research and production programme which invites a visual artist to come to Brittany and spend three months working in the art centre's workshops. This residency is held in conjunction with Documents d’Artistes Bretagne, an association that promotes and disseminates works by artists from our region. It also provides the artist with the critical and technical support they need to produce exceptional works.

The atmosphere into which Emma Seferian welcomes the visitor is glowing, kindly and joyful. The title itself is gentle, Love, daisies and troubadours, evoking the last episode of the first season of the television series Gilmore Girls which tells the story of a single mother's relationship with her daughter. This single parent family unit and the issue of the emancipation of parents are what particularly attracted the artist to this feel-good series, adding a light-hearted mood. The rather vague words of the title act as clues to the interests of Emma Seferian. The love of friends, lovers and family is at the heart of this exhibition, as are issues of art dubbed 'decorative' and music as a means of communication.

On the one hand, Emma Seferian challenges the notion of cultural heritage, especially the matriarchal heritage. She uses the skills and techniques allotted to women, including needlepoint, tapestry and embroidery, questioning their use and history. Whereas this type of work used to be utilitarian and functional, making hard-wearing clothes and furnishings, now these activities have become transformed into creative leisure or even fashion. We are therefore witnessing a cultural appropriation by the... [lire plus]

In partnership with Documents d'Artistes Bretagne in the program Les Chantiers-résidence

With the support of Suravenir, affiliated to Crédit Mutuel ARKEA