Dans mon Jumpy 1.9 TD

Stéfan Tulépo

6 Jun — 30 Aug 2014

Stéfan Tulépo is interested by common areas, as architectural as social, through traces and evolutions left by time. These wanderings in Brest, surveyed during his three-month residency with his pickup truck, led him to see it as a layer cake in which structural work, decorative items and gestural oddities stratify. Here, a tree brushed the plaster of a facade with the wind of Brittany, there the walls of disused barracks betray a living space stopped in time...

Far from a simplistic fascination for urban melancholy even so present in this rebuilt city, Stéfan Tulépo uses the manner of an archaeologist-poet to recover and transcend the forms of banality that this playground is filled of. As a sculptor, resolutely committed to a voluntary plastic gesture, he seizes gleaned objects. With a scratch, a break, a spot, he extends a form by playing with the hazards that materials, time, colors, textures, dust, number of layers and used tools may offer.

From facing stones of an old hearth, he excavates the urban icons that are the electric poles and other candelabra, carves the recurring motifs of facades in a set of shutters or engages in a detailed engraving of a street of Brest to the surface of a home aquarium.

As part of the Chantiers Résidence programme run by Passerelle Centre d'art contemporain and Documents D'Artistes Bretagne.